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Title: Partner in Crime

Pairing: Pre-Dean/Castiel

Rating: PG 13

Summary: Sam recruits help.

Notes: This is the next in a series I have called “Till Eternity Keeps Us. It follows Clash. Sorry it took so long.



Sam walked around the small room impatiently. He had no idea whether or not the summoning spell he had found would even work. It had taken him an age to get to the point where Castiel was gone long enough for Dean to lose the edge that stopped him from sleeping deep enough for Sam to sneak out and he had no idea how long it would take before he got another chance.


If Gabriel didn’t come soon he’s have to scrap the attempt anyway; Dean was going to notice he was gone.


“What do you want?” A voice came from behind him. Spinning around Sam saw Gabriel leaning against the wall.


“Your help.”


“Why the hell would I help you? If you’ve forgotten you and your brother keep stabbing me.”


Wordlessly Sam help up the two pound bag of candy corn he’d been carrying as he paced. Gabriel’s eyebrows rose, “My, my, my Sammy. Bribery?” He took a swipe at the candy but Sam pulled out of his reach.


“You have to at least listen before you this.”


Gabriel took a step forward, “Or I could just take it.”


“But then you wouldn’t know why I’m actually asking for help.” As a side note Sam decided to add, “Or get the rest of the candy.”


Gabriel paused, “There’s more?”




Scuffing at the ground Gabriel was silent for several moments before asking, “Why do you want my help?”


“Because my brother and your brother are driving me insane.”

In response the angel merely raised an eyebrow. Sam scrubbed at his face with his free hand. “Do you know what happened to Dean and Castiel?”

“Your brother did something foolish and Castiel didn’t stop him?”

“Well yeah, except it got them bound in union and now they can’t stand to be in the same room as each other for more then ten minutes before they’re at each other’s throats.”

Gabriel conjured a table and then sat on it. “I had heard something to that effect. If you’re looking for me to break the bond you’re barking up the wrong angel. It’s permanent.”

“I know that. We all know that. Christ knows we’ve spent ages trying to find a way to do that already.”

“Then what do you expect me to do?”

“Help me get them together.”

Gabriel said nothing but the look on his face clearly told Sam that he though he was nuts.

“I think they might actually like each other and that’s why this whole union thing has got them at each other’s throats.”

“How do you figure you that?” Gabriel tented his fingers. “If they liked each other you’d think it would help matters.”

Sam snorted and plopped down on the floor. It was clean enough and he was tired of standing. “We are talking about the same people right. He’s my brother and all but Dean can be thicker then a brick when he wants to be and Castiel…”

“Is just as thick with a topping of clueless. I get it Sam. Still doesn’t answer why I should help.”

“I think it’s going to take a rather large clue bus to get them to admit anything and your good at conjuring. Plus I figured you’d be the best to get past Cas’ defenses. Angel to angel ya know. I mean I can lock them in a closet with some sigils but I really think it’s going to need more than that.”

Gabriel thought about it for a moment. He may have defected to Earth but Castiel was still his brother. In fact the whole ring of fire aside probably the only one he particularly cared for at the moment.

“You’re sure about this?” Sam nodded at his question. “Fine, I’ll help tomorrow.”

Sam nodded, “Thanks.”

“Whatever,” Gabriel snapped his fingers in a ‘give me’ motion. “Now give me the candy. Of course you realize I could conjure all I want right?

Sam snorted, “Yeah but conjured never tastes as good as the real stuff.” He tossed the bag over and Gabriel disappeared.

Rolling his eyes Sam headed back to the room. He’d see if he made a big mistake asking for the archangel’s help tomorrow.



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Apr. 3rd, 2010 06:15 pm (UTC)
Haha! I can't wait to see what these two come upw ith. It should be awesome!
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