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Dean/Castiel Big Bang Masterpost: "Switch"

Title: Switch
Author: feline_feral
Fandom/Genre: Supernatural AU
Pairing(s): Dean/Castiel, mentions of Amelia/Jimmy and Bobby/Ellen
Rating: PG13
Word Count: 20326
Warnings: Swearing, slash, slight homophobia, poor parenting
Disclaimer: I do not own Supernatural or any of the recognizable characters.

Artist: lilchibibunny
Art link: Art Masterlist

Summary: Claire Novak was in trouble. Her teacher wanted to meet with her parents. Lucky for her, her father had a twin but what happens when her uncle Castiel and her teacher Dean Winchester hit it off?

|     Part 1     |     Part 2     |     Part 3     |     Part 4     |     Notes     |
You can find .pdf and .epub versions on the story below. These have been edited from what you see here. It's slightly shorter and a little more polished.



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Jun. 19th, 2012 04:24 pm (UTC)
hi! i love the plot of this fic! do you have by any chance a pdf so i can read it on my kindle? it would be so awesome if you can help!
Jun. 24th, 2012 04:01 am (UTC)
Hi, I'm working on a pdf version. I can send it to you when I'm done if you like?
Jan. 17th, 2013 07:47 pm (UTC)
The story was so adorable, and I always enjoy teacher!Dean. One problem that I did notice was the use of "You're" where you should have used "Your". Because you're means you are and your is possessive. But I enjoyed very much so. Keep writing.
Jan. 18th, 2013 08:48 pm (UTC)
Re: Cute.
I'm glad you enjoyed it.
I'll go through it again and fix that. Thank you for letting me know.
Lara Forte
Sep. 22nd, 2013 02:47 pm (UTC)
you did a great work here. I love claire <3
Maybe the ending was a little abrupt (I really would like an epilogue or maybe the honey moon :P).

Anyway! I love it
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