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"Switch" - Notes

 Notes for my Dean/Castiel Big Bang Story "Switch".

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There are many notes to write down. Here’s hoping I don’t forget something. First I need to thank a lot of people. Jen and Izzy for keeping me on track and listening to me bitch and moan about this whole process. As well as anyone in the Dean/Castiel chatroom where I also griped and vented. They also played beta along with two other wonderful people, FalconWolf3 and TrackerLucifer86. This story is much better for all their help. They even stuck around when I rewrote the entire thing.

Lilchibibunny, my artist provided me with some great work. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do. I bow to her superior drawing skills and thank her for not freaking out on me when I told her I was redoing the whole story (she was halfway through the art).

Comments about the story itself are next. Please feel free to skip this until you’ve read the story.

Firstly I am actually quite fond of Jimmy but I needed a bad guy and he sadly fit the bill in this AU plot. I do apologize to anyone who thinks that I’ve treated the character unfairly.

Secondly the bomb clock Claire describes is actually real. You can find it on thinkgeek.com; specifically here.

The Weeping Angels are from Doctor Who and I do not own them. I used the episodes from the show as well as my own fabrication to form the Angels mentioned in the story. Any of the other myths mentioned came from what I know or what I found when researching.